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Surely you need to relieve tension and have thought about doing a relaxing massage, forget about massages because when you try our ADRENALINA you will stay as new.

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To begin to release adrenaline we will make a subidita pitch excursion. What are you talking about? Very simple: We will take the jet skis to extremes in speed and expertise at the controls of these incredible machines. See if you can follow the monitor, bonic @ ?.

Once this un-stressful adventure is over, we will fly !!. Yes, as you hear !!. We will fly on the water with one of the most impressive sports in recent years, the Flyboard. Prepare yourself to experience sensations never experienced on water. I assure you it hooks !!.

How long did the activities take us?

- The activities will occupy an hour and a quarter of action, between preparation and changes we will put an hour, at the end will be two hours and quarter approximate.

What do we have to take?

- The most important thing that you have to bring is very keen to enjoy. And aside a bathing suit, a towel and sun protection.

From what age can we practice these activities?

- For watercraft and flyboard from the age of 16 with written permission of your parents or guardian.

Can I take the camera to take pictures or record?

- If you have a submersible sports camera, no problem, you can bring it. If you do not have it, we can engrave you and for 15 €, we will send you the edited video to be able to hang it in any social network or save it for the memory.

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